Quality & Compliance


Equinox Conformity Solutions Limited was established in March 2021.

Quality & Compliance

Providing secure identification, Traceability & Authentication solutions to fight against the trade of illicit & fraudulent products also to provide security inks.

Equinox Group carries on with the business of conformity solution services which includes but not limited to inspection, verification, testing and certification of products for Import and Export from Nigeria with Efficient services under Standard Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program ( SONCAP) compliance.

Our Objectives

To carry on the business of Verification of Products compliance with the Requirements of Applicable Standards and Technical Regulations, Product Specialists Reports from Verification Activities such as Laboratory Testing, Physical Inspection and Factory Audits.

To carry on the business of Assisting Manufacturers and Suppliers to achieve compliance of their imports & exports to many countries.

To carry on the business of Installation of Tracking and tracing devices, online tracking, mobile tracking, tracking via app, location with map, GIS, voice monitoring, SMS Engine control, sales of security equipment etc.