Energizing Sub-Sahara Africa

The leading Nigerian Investment Group managing diversified interests in a range of internationally operated sectors


We develop and invest in opportunities in Nigeria and West Africa

As the leading Nigerian Investment Group managing diversified interests in a range of internationally operated sectors, Equinox Group Limited has a competitive edge through its knowledge, experience, relationships, capital strength and ability to obtain external financing when required. Our total assets are valued in excess of 600 million USD.


Superior people, products and services in each of our operating sectors based on a strong African representation


The key market segment of the Group is the oil & gas industry in Nigeria. We initially started with a focus on crude oil and petroleum products trading.


Equinox Group through a partnership with notable industry players is steadily increasing its stake in the general mineral mining industry in Nigeria

Real Estate

Equinox Realtors  is  the  real  estate  management entity of the Equinox Group created to locate, acquire, and manage worldwide real estate.

Shipping & Logistics

Equinox Shipping, Logistics & Freight is a specialist in international and logistics activities. We have experience handling cargo for export and import.


Equinox Telecom Limitedprovide a range of telecommunications products including fixed line phone networks, internet, cable TV services, value added services, national and international value-added telecom services. 


Equinox Track & Trace Solutions Limited was established in September 2019 with the following objectives: To engage in the business of Information Communications Technology (ICT) as related to computer service discipline in all its branches & ramifications

Quality and Compliance

Equinox Conformity Solutions Limited provides secure identification, traceability & authentication solutions to fight against the trade of illicit & fraudulent products and also to provide security inks.


Equinox Group is actively pursuing retail franchising opportunities in the fast-food retail sector. We are well positioned to launch an international franchise in Nigeria, having access to the required capital, local knowledge and human capital expertise needed to ensure success. 



The Group’s management has decades of experience in establishing, growing, and building new companies in the Nigerian business sector. Although the Group’s focus is on the active sectors, we will venture into other industry sectors if we see opportunities that are of material impact to the Group.

Equinox is open to forming strategic partnerships where together with its partners can have mutually advantageous synergies. The Group offers tremendous experience of doing business in Nigeria and has real substance in all its operating activities. Currently, we have numerous successful partnerships and joint ventures where we contribute equity, assets and genuine collaboration towards a unified vision.

We welcome open discussions from interested investors who are looking to do business in Nigeria. We are equally open to discussions with existing players and stakeholders who believe there are significant opportunities either on a project-by-project basis or in a form of long-term partnership.

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