About The Equinox Group


Energizing Sub-Sahara Africa

Equinox Group Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian independent investment company with interests in various Nigerian industry sectors. The Group’s strategy is to develop and invest in opportunities in Nigeria and West Africa where the Group sees itself as having a competitive edge through its knowledge, experience, relationships, capital strength and ability to obtain external financing.

The vision of the Group’s Board of Directors and Senior Management is to focus primarily on material opportunities and when mutually beneficial to form partnerships with Nigerian or international companies. The Group’s investment strategy is implemented and executed in line with the Group’s Core Values.

We focus on material opportunities that are capable of providing real growth to the Equinox Group. Our focus in Africa has already resulted in a number of opportunities and offers the prospect of significant further value creation. Our corporate focus defines who we are, what we do, the impact of our services on the environment and society at large, and the ultimate benefits accruing to our joint venture partners. Since we live in a world of increasing interconnectivity, Equinox Group is committed to connecting and integrating people, companies and governments to achieve a new meaning for business assimilation and mutual benefit.


To be the preferred private West African company, respected and trusted for superior people, products and services in each of our operating sectors through a differentiated strategy based on a strong African representation on our board and in management, partnering strategic investors, governments and national companies.


The Equinox Group mission is to provide excellence in the quality of products and services, delivered by a highly skilled and motivated work force, while holding core values, which always place the host communities’ interests that operate at the highest level.


Equinox Group is involved in operations through our offices and partners in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nigeria  Ghana  Cameroun

Sao Tome & Principe  Angola  Dubai


Financial Strength and Differentiaters


Equinox differentiates itself from its main competitors through:

Flexibility in financial structures in order that partners and lenders meet their own investment criteria

Ability to raise project financing from the international financial markets

Established relations with numerous international investment banks

Renaissance Capital   Barclays Capital Jennings Capital

The Group has raised over 350 million USD as private placements for various E & P ventures.