The key market segment of the Group is the oil & gas industry in Nigeria.  The Group initially started with a focus on crude oil and petroleum products trading. 

Oil and Gas

As new opportunities became available to indigenous Nigerian companies, the Group made the strategic decision to invest in the exploration and production sector. As a result of the Group’s participation the in the E&P sector, the Group uncovered additional opportunities in the oil field services sector.

The Group is primarily focusing on opportunities in the oil & gas sector in Nigeria, but is also reviewing opportunities throughout West Africa where the Group has a competitive edge through its knowledge, experience, relationships, capital strength and ability to obtain external financing.

Exploration and Production

Equinox Group has a strategic focus on exploration and production activities in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea.

Equinox E&P’s management, possess in-depth experience in E&P activities throughout Africa. It leverages this regional knowledge and key relationships to find and operate attractive assets and deliver outstanding results.

Oil Field Services

Equinox Group’s subsidiary, Aspen Energy Ltd, in partnership with West African Oilfield Services Ltd (WAOS) a leading oil servicing provider, offers full EPIC and turn-key solutions for the construction and installation of oil and gas pipelines and platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Equinox Group”s Oil Field Services sector focuses on key areas of specialization which include but are not limited to:

Project Management

  • More than 40 years experience with terrestrial and marine projects in West Africa.
  • Proven track record with International Oil Companies.
  • Detailed engineering and design services with safety at the core.
  • Quality materials procurement, receiving, ware housing and accountability.
  • Construction management meeting local content guidelines required by governments.
  • Cost reduction by owning, leasing, operating and maintaining specialized pipeline construction equipment.

Pipeline Construction (cross-country & marine)

  • Specialized in swamp, landfall and offshore to 200 meter water depth range.
  • Use of industry proven construction methods for marine projects.
  • Construct, install, repair and modify existing 2″ – 24″ diameter pipelines.
  • Conduct pigging, gauging, flooding and testing of pipelines.


Equinox Group is involved in crude oil and petroleum products trading operations through our offices and partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Areas of operation include:



Equatorial Guinea


Sao Tome & Principe



Equinox Oil & Gas Ltd seeks to form strategic alliances with partners for crude oil lifting and petroleum products trading.